Moraine State Park

Bear Run Campground is at the doorstep of Moraine State Park, bordering the South Shore, with access to the multi-use and equestrian trails and the Bear Run boat launch all within 1/2 mile from the campground. Kayaks and canoes are available for rent at the campground for use on Lake Arthur. Bear Run Campground offers campers on-site facilities for boats up to 18 feet. The multi-use trails connect Bear Run Campground to Moraine State Park and the North Country Trail. See the Moraine State Park map for details.

Horseback Riding: There are approximately 20 miles of horseback riding trails throughout the southwest and eastern sections of Moraine State Park. Bear Run Campground partners with Pleasant Valley Stables to provide facilities to board horses overnight. See Bear Run Campground Equestrian package that includes a Bear Run campsite with electric and water as well as a horse stall with hay and water. We suggest to bring your own feed.

Hiking: Hiking access is available directly from Bear Run Campground into Moraine State Park. A total of 28 miles of hiking trails is divided between the South Shore and North Shore of the park. For a unique experience, rent a kayak from Bear Run Campground and kayak across Porters Cove to the Pleasant Valley Area. Enjoy lunch at the Bear Run picnic area and hike Sunken Garden, Hilltop and Pleasant Valley Trails.

Glacier Ridge and Wyggeston Trails are bit more challenging. Glacier Ridge Trail intersects with the North Country National Scenic Trail along the Northern section of the park. Here you will also find the North Country Trail Headquarters. Wyggeston Trail is consider the park's most difficult trail. Hike this trail as a 1.5 mile loop or a 4.5 mile trail with different beginning and ending points.

Biking: A paved, seven-mile bicycle trail winds near the shoreline between Davis Hollow and the Bike Rental Building in the northwest corner of the park. The trail can be accessed at many places in the Lakeview Beach and Watts Bay Marina areas.

Lake Arthur at Moraine State Park: Lake Arthur provides over forty-two miles of scenic shoreline and 10 public boat launches; one at the Porter's Cove accessible from Bear Run Campground. Bear Run has kayaks/canoes for rent to paddle on Lake Arthur. Lake Arthur's tributaries include Muddy Run, Big Run, Swamp Run, Bear Run and over 75 intermittent streams. Ranging from an average depth of 11 feet to about 36 feet deep near the dam, the shallow waters of Lake Arthur are home to a variety of warm-water fish. Frogs, newts, turtles and water snakes prowl the edges of the lake. The tall great blue heron, the short green heron, and the belted kingfisher prey on minnows and fish fry. In the early spring, common loons stop at the lake on their migration north.

Osprey may be seen flying over Lake Arthur. Once extirpated from Western Pennsylvania, these "fish hawks" have been reintroduced to Moraine through a hacking program begun in 1993. The first osprey pair to nest along Lake Arthur as a result of the reintroduction effort raised three young in 1996. Bald eagles have also been spotted nesting in the park. A waterfowl observation deck is along old Route 422.

Fishing: The 3,225-acre Lake Arthur is a warm-water fishery. Common species are northern pike, largemouth bass, channel catfish, black crappie and bluegill. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stocks muskellunge, walleye, channel catfish and hybrid striped bass.

Moraine State Park